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One of the most inspiring people that I have met is a cancer survivor (on her death bed more than one time), mom of two, wife, and former newscaster. Her name is Marilyn. What makes her uniquely special is her ability to tell a story in an authentic voice, to find the beauty in things most others can’t, and her beautiful fighting spirit that makes her the bravest person I know. When she shares her journey, she has people in tears. Her story is layered with many complexities that make it very interesting – and highly inspiring, including a brother who suffered from a mental illness during her battle with cancer. Her story of family, faith, hope, and humbleness are heart filling and have lessons that extend to everyone.

Contributor: Romy Taormina from

Written by James Metcalfe

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  1. Marilyn is my sister and I agree with everything Romy said, my sister is a bright light in our lives and I am humbled by her everyday!

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