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Moodo is the first smart home aroma diffuser that enables scent personalization and customization to fit any mood. The app automatically recommends scent presets based on your capsule combination or you can create your own scent by adjusting the levels of each of the capsules in the device. 

  • Personalized aromas: Moodo currently has 7 scent families that come with 4 capsules each, giving users 400,000 possible scent combinations to customize through capsule mixing. 
  • Smart home connectivity: The Moodo device can be controlled via its app, which connects to Wi-Fi or via Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home or IFTT. 
  • App control: Moodo’s app controls the device from anywhere inside or outside the home, controlling the scent diffusions and intensities to always keep your home smelling fresh.

Contributors: Kristia Watkins from Max Borges Agency

Written by Ben Skute

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