Murbles (18/58)

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Murbles is an outdoor family-friendly game based loosely on the European game called Bocce. Murbles are American made with hi-density poly plastic. All ball diameters are 3 inches and they weigh about 1/2 pound each, so they are just right for smaller hands and older shoulders. Murbles requires no special skills, court or abilities so it’s great for players of all ages.

Murbles is perfect for tailgating, picnics, family reunions or family game day. There is No setup or dedicated court required. Simply dump the Murbles out of the convenient canvas carrying bag and it’s “Game On.” Game rules are printed on the back of each bag. Available in custom color sets for 2 to 16 players.

Contributors: Murray Kramer from Murble Game

Written by Ben Skute

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