Network (10/20)

Work on building up a great network of contacts. Startups often hire people based on recommendations from friends and colleagues, so the more friends you can make in the world of business, the better. This is a tried and tested method of getting your foot in the door; ask your contacts if they know X-person and if they are hiring.

You should also be persistent. If you want a job with a certain company as a graphic designer, keep sending them examples of your work. It’s best to do this through the mail rather than email; they are much more likely to really pay attention to what you are sending them if it’s a physical copy. Enclose a letter saying you would love their opinion on your work and make sure you include your name and address.

Don’t be annoying but sending one sample a month or so has the potential to pay off. It shows the startup that you are passionate about what you do and really value their opinion – a sure sign of admiration and respect for them.

Contributors: Murat Evin from The London School of MakeUp

Written by Ben Skute

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