Niseko Village (7/12)

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Niseko Village in Japan is the unique combination of the best snow in the world, low altitude, the best seafood in Japan and some amazing onsens. It has become Asia’s leading alpine destination, as from December to May, snowfall here averages an incredible 54 feet annually. Siberian winds interacting with moisture from the Sea of Japan provides a snow cover for Niseko Village that is among the driest and lightest in the world.

With two luxury hotels, bespoke townhouses, the Niseko Village Snow School, extensive ski trails and lifts, several onsen or hot springs, an amazing culinary scene, slopeside contemporary shopping and dining concepts within the village’s main pulse and extensive all-season activities to suit all ages, the 462-hectare mountain resort is the perfect base for travelers with varied interests.

Contributors: Gabriele Sappok from Imagine Communications

Written by Ben Skute

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