Oakridge Oregon (3/8)

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Oakridge, Oregon

This town in Central Oregon has grown from an old timber town to a mountain bike paradise. The trails here are seemingly endless, with great flow throughout, and local shuttle opportunities that make it all that much easier to access. The Alpine Trail is an Oakridge must-ride trail with its killer views and rolling singletrack. The buff trail snakes through a beautiful forest and out into high alpine meadows. There aren’t huge machine built features, but the Alpine trail is still flowy and fun. There is more climbing on Alpine than some other trails in the area, but it is well worth the extra effort. The trail is sometimes ridden as part of the 24 mile A-T-C-A Loop, which combine the Upper Alpine, Tire Mountain, Clover Patch and Lower Alpine trails. This loop still requires a shuttle, but combines the trails for more milage with 3,681’ of climbing and 7,000’ of descending.

Written by Matt Sklar

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