Outdoor Play Grows Imagination (7/7)

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Children’s imaginations are so precious, and they should be nurtured and encouraged. One of the simplest ways you can grow your child’s imagination is by letting them play outside. Children use their imaginations in many ways, making up playground games, creating games, characters, and telling stories. Giving them the freedom to play outside helps their imaginations to flourish.

How Are Your Encouraging Outdoor Play? 

Some of the most special moment you have with your children will be spent outside when you’re not doing anything particularly planned. So, how are you encouraging your child to play outside? Give your children time to explore the world around them jump in puddles, play games in the schoolyard with their friends, and get muddy, because it will benefit and develop them in all the ways mentioned above, and more!

If You Need Inspiration…

If you’re stuck for outdoor game ideas, why not check out the 18 playground games that improve your child’s health so that they can have fun outside while staying healthy!

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