Pre-Determine Any Penalties (9/24)

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We once had a freelancer photographer taking pictures for a client’s event. After the fact, it was determined that the photographer had an equipment issue due to a cracked lens, and the event’s photography was unusable. The client of course did not want to pay for the photography, while the photographer wanted to be paid since they had show up and “didn’t mean for there to be a problem”. While we were able to resolve the payment issue, had our contract stated that we wouldn’t pay for unusable images, it would have helped avoid the hassle.

As a photographer, I recommend charging for the delivered product. If there is an issue, do what you can within reason to make things right. Don’t make a short-sided decision that will cost you a long-term client.

Contributor: Alex Membrillo, CEO from cardinaldigitalmarketing

Written by James Metcalfe

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