Prince or Pauper: Prepare for the Road Ahead by Peter Yachimski (6/42)

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In Prince or Pauper: Prepare for the Road Ahead, I outline specific tools that can make a huge difference in financial strategies. Topics include:

  • How to make gains in your retirement portfolio after you start making withdrawals by using the principles of reverse dollar-cost averaging.
  • Why our national debt demands that you take control of your own future-and how to protect yourself when the house of cards collapses.
  • Why Medicare and Medicaid are in crisis-and a unique strategy to hedge against rising taxes or falling benefits that could threaten your savings.
  • How to safeguard yourself against government legislation that could jeopardize your nest egg.
  • How to use the banking industry’s own laws to your advantage in negotiating with creditors.

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Contributor: Peter Yachimski from Prince or Pauper Financial Education

Written by Yehoshua Bomberg

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