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Product Hunt is a platform where people shout about the latest products they’ve developed and get feedback from an engaged tech-savvy community. It’s an interesting place to keep an eye on trends in tech, web development, marketing and business services. The blog tends to focus on one area of tech tools and how it’s developing, or contrast different products in a niche e.g. web chat.

The aspect which makes it different to other websites I follow is how early stage many of these products are. It’s often the first place that developers and marketers go to talk abut their side projects and new ventures. Some of these products will later make it onto larger tech publishing platforms, but many won’t. The diversity of the product range, from connected (IoT) devices to iOS apps and data tools also makes it likely that a business owner can find some practical ideas to try out.

Contributors: Robin Abrams from Trade Finance Global (TFG)

Written by Zak Parker

Journalist, writer, musician, professional procrastinator. I'll add more here later.

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