Professionality and Passion (1/11)

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No one wants to work with a gloomy and impersonal slob who hates their occupation. Maintain professionality, send positive emails, sending polite emails to thank your prospective employers for the opportunity to interview, etc. Even if you don’t particularly love the job you are applying to, act like it.

People who love their jobs usually work harder, so this is an imperative quality to display during an interview and on your application. This may be where other applicants are lacking, so that is your time to shine.

Contributors: Victoria Den Bleyker from Social Motion Films

Written by Ben Skute


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  1. #8 is very accurate. Confidence is key. Hiring Managers aren’t just looking at facts on a page, but are also looking personality. Fundamentally, they are looking for reasons you stand out.

  2. Professionality and Passion, #1, very necessary to succeed. Can’t tell you how many people I’ve interviewed with all the necessary qualifications, but were absolutely mundane. It’s nice when people care, and simple as it may be, just put the effort in.

  3. #1 Professionality and Passion is sooo important, I’ve learned that being a pro-people-person can bring you further so much than your resume. It shows that you are more than a piece of paper lol.

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