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Obviously it’s nice to have some of the perks that large corporations offer – more money, a retirement plan and etc.; but startups are changing the culture of the workplace, and that’s an awesome perk in itself. Many fast growing startups want you to enjoy being at work – they may have a ping pong table or even may bring in a masseuse on a random Tuesday to help their employees alleviate stress. Some allow you to work remotely so you can perform your tasks wherever you find most inspiring. Want a giant slide in the middle of your office? There’s a startup for that. Want to work for a place that allows you to bring your dog to the office with you every day? There’s a startup for that too. While startups may offer less financial perks, there is a “coolness” factor that you just won’t get working in big-corp.

Contributors: Michael Sims from ThinkLions

Written by Zak Parker

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