Rock And Roll Lifestyles (3/7)

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The craziest on-stage moment happened at a Toronto club called The Bovine Sex Club – it’s kind of an underground grunge/punk rock club where everyone dresses up in their sexiest fringe outfits, and alternative lifestyle attire. So we had our full band on stage and I had these huge platform shoes and bell bottom tight pants. I went to hit my guitar tuner on my pedal board and whooosshhh! Feet in the air, ass to the stage! My guitar landed safely on top of me but I knocked my guitarist Ben Healey’s guitar almost out of his hands. I couldn’t get up as I was pinned by my mic stand and an amp. So Ben helped me to my feet, I grabbed my guitar and the mic and screamed “rock and roll!” And we played on to a fantastic screaming crowd!

Contributor: Michael Stover from MTS Records

Written by James Metcalfe

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