Rubics (4/14)

Rubrics are a grading tool. Before starting an assignment or project, the students should know what the teacher expects and how you EARN an ‘A’. This is very different from the graded essays we received without an reason why we lost points or how we can do better next time. If the teacher doesn’t use rubrics it is a red flag that they may not grade assignments objectively. Therefore, they cannot substantiate their final grading decisions on open-ended tasks.

Why ask this question if the answer is probably ‘NO’? This will reduce or prevent conflicts about grades during the course of the year. Asking this question is a way to let the teacher know you will be looking for them to provide evidence as to whether or not your child met assignment’s objectives. You don’t have to argue every grade. But if the grade is lower than you believe your child deserves, you need a point of reference for comparison and to the start an objective conversation with the teacher.

Contributor: Dr. Kristin Bertolero, Ed.S., Ed.D from njcie

Written by James Metcalfe

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