Serve others (20/26)

When I’m not teaching fitness & nutrition, I teach reading & writing at a Title 1 school (more than half of the school is below the poverty level). I have an autistic student whose dad over-dosed and was dead in the home for 3 days before he had the wherewithal to call for help. 

Last year I had to report a 2nd-grade boy who disclosed obvious sexual and physical abuse. I’ve seen a 4th grade start school for the first time (for no other reason except neglect) who couldn’t write his own name and knew 7 letters of the alphabet (did I mention that he was age appropriate for 4th grade?!) Seriously, if the poverty-stricken areas of America don’t force you to appreciate what you have, then travel abroad.

Contributor: Jill McKay


Written by Nathaniel Fried

Co-founder of Fupping. Busy churning out content and building an empire.

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