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Here at TINYpulse, one goal we set was around page ranking for a specific keyword. We knew we wanted to be on the top of page one by the end of the year–we made this goal in September, so we had 3 months to execute. This S.M.A.R.T. goal worked well for us, because we were able to track our progress towards it over time, not just when it was finished. Here is our plan to make it happen:The first thing we focused on was creating high quality content. That meant that the article we were trying to rank wouldn’t just target one keyword–but target all the long-tail keywords by answering every related question we could think of, and really get in depth explanations of everything we could about the concept we were trying to rank for. When brainstorming ideas, I was thinking: What value can I give today? What information would make my audience better off after reading this than they were before?The other thing we did was focus on building back-links. We’ve been optimizing for keywords and backlinks for your blog and domain. The more shares of content we get from reputable sites, the more traffic we drive to our blog.

Contributors: Estelle Pinfrom TINYpulse

Written by Ben Skute

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