SOLOSOCKS No-Shows – The World’s Best Summer Socks (32/57)

The best organic, sustainable, innovative, top quality, designer socks return as no-shows. No pairing. No wasting. No showing.

SOLOSOCKS come in packages of 7 single socks designed to mix and match. That way, you don’t need to pair or waste your socks again.

SOLOSOCKS are coated with BIOME Antimicrobial Technology, which means your feet will be stink free and stay fresh all summer long!

SOLOSOCKS are made of locally sourced organic combed cotton.

SOLOSOCKS have an extra sticky silicone grip and an enlarged heel so they never slip off your feet!

SOLOSOCKS come in a re-usable biodegradable packaging.

SOLOSOCKS are designed in Denmark.

SOLOSOCKS are the perfect summer socks!

Written by Adam Kuskner

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