Some advertising tips (5/27)

When using LinkedIn Ads, make sure you know what your call to action is and what exactly you want people to do. If you’re a newer company, start with brand awareness and share a really compelling or interesting article to build credibility. Often times, it takes someone 2-3 times to view your ad before they make an action. 

Keep your call to action simple. Only one call-to-action per ad is recommended so that potential leads don’t abandon completing your CTA. Create one ad per call to action. 

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities. You can really hone in on your target audience using these tools such as job industry, seniority, and company size. You can always check the analytics of your ad to make sure that the right audience is interacting with your ad, then tweak your campaign as you go. 

One of the worst things you can do is run LinkedIn Advertising, and neglect your company’s profile. Fill out your profile, add keywords, and optimize it by sharing relevant content. If someone clicks your ad to visit your company page, and they see nothing, you miss out on an opportunity for them to follow your page and receive future updates. 

Building your credibility on LinkedIn is important. For your personal profile, ensure you’re using industry keywords in your profile and fill out your biography completely. These keywords are essential if you’re in the hunt for a new position or even connecting with people in your field. Share content regularly, and interact with other’s content as well. Make sure you’re not just sharing, but including a short sentence or two about what you’re sharing and why. 

Building a successful LinkedIn company page starts with your employees. Ask them to follow and share your content. Your company has built-in brand evangelists, and they are a great solution to building your page following. Featuring your employees or sharing their content is also a best practice to demonstrate your company’s credibility.

Contributor: Alissa McKenzie


Written by Nathaniel Fried

Co-founder of Fupping. Busy churning out content and building an empire.


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