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For healthy student habits, I’d recommend the following advice from my recently published book titled “Student Study Cave – A Guide to Get Great Grades”:

  1. Establish a study space you make all your own.
  2. Ensure your tools are immediately handy and available.
  3. Break a big task into smaller steps so accomplishment fuels completion.
  4. Outline your priorities.  List them.
  5. Create a consistent study pattern to form good habits.
  6. Know your deadlines and be accountable to each.
  7. Give yourself study breaks.  Silences let the music flow.
  8. Eliminate your distractions.  Detour and pivot from them.

The whole point is to create a happy place study space that removes every possible bit of inertia so the obstacles are always removed from getting good and diligent work done.  Further, remember that “deferred joys purchased through sacrifice are often the sweetest.”  It’s like a man-cave, but for students.

Contributors: Brian Shell from Passion Hero

Written by Ben Skute


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