Tai O Fishing Village (14/31)

A great Lantau Island day trip. With its rare pink dolphins, houses on stilts and seafood marketplace, Tai O is one of the few remaining fishing villages in Hong Kong.

Lantau Island is a great day trip, but most people travel there to see the Big Buddha. The tiny island of Tai O, about a fifteen-minute bus ride from Big Buddha, is where visitors can get a glimpse into what life was like in old Southern China. The marketplace is a vibrant, busy place, especially for older residents who still make a living selling vegetables, trinkets and fresh and dried fish and shrimp paste. Though not officially official, locals will offer to take you out on their small boat for a short (fifteen or twenty minute) ride around the harbor so you can see the stilt houses up close.

Contributors: Caroline Duterque from Jack and Ferdi

Written by Ben Skute

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