Tempdrop – Confidence (10/24)

Tempdrop is a smart thermometer that gives women the data they need for conception or natural contraception. Here’s a couple reasons why Tempdrop is a great gift idea: 

  • Natural Fertility Planning, or NFP, is used by Catholics and evangelical Christians who need an alternative to hormonal birth control, making Tempdrop a great fit for an Easter roundup. 
  • It’s unconventional. Nobody will expect a fertility gadget in an Easter gift roundup! 
  • More and more women are learning about NFP and FAM (fertility awareness methods) as the concept becomes more mainstream and accepted by the medical community – a few months ago the first app was approved by the FDA as a contraceptive! 

Contributor: Natalie Spira from Tempdrop Fertility Thermometer

Written by Ben Skute

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