The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John C. Maxwell (1/47)

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After graduating college in 2016, like most recent graduates who have not landed a job immediately, I was feeling a completely lost. For the first time in my life, I had no guidance or sense of direction. I had high aspirations and no idea how to get there. I decided to join a book club called DEFIN3 right as they were already halfway through Maxwell’s book. After initially picking this book up, I just couldn’t put it down. It truly spoke to me in all aspects of my life.

The book taught me that nothing in my life would change for the better until I decided to consistently create positive habits that will benefit my future. In addition, it taught me how to change my perspective of my current situation. Shortly after reading the book, I began going to the gym and lost a significant amount of weight. I also packed my bags and moved to Atlanta to seek my dream job.

Today, I am a Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at The List Inc, one of Atlanta’s fastest growing marketing companies. I give that book all the credit for changing my perspective when I was bogged down. It taught me how to pick myself up and never stop chasing the things I want. I even gave it to my sister when she was going through a similar experience and it changed her life as well. Everyone should read this book!

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Written by Taegan Lion

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