The Blackfish Prophecy (1/17)

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There are two profound ways this book changed my life. The first was that it helped me to understand the orca as intelligent, family-oriented, long-lived beings, rather than a dumb fish for our entertainment. I had not really thought much about those giant creatures held in comparatively small tanks and how torturous it must be for them to be separated from their families, deprived of movement, and unable to dive deep in the water to escape the searing sun. It is no wonder that there have been incidences of violence with captive orca, we are literally driving them mad.

The second change has been amazing, and frightening. I was first introduced to ‘The Blackfish Prophecy’ as a manuscript in the publication queue at a small, Seattle-based publisher. I came on as a marketing manager and my first big task was to get a blessing from Dr. Jane Goodall. (We did it!) We launched the book on Earth Day 2015, and one week later, the publisher announced they were closing their doors. I knew that there was some magic in that book, that it was going to change the life of some reader, and that we couldn’t let it die. In a matter of days, I decided to launch my own small publishing company to keep ‘The Blackfish Prophecy’ alive.

Thankfully, Rachel was game to come along on this new adventure. It hasn’t been easy, and hasn’t always been fun, but I do not regret that momentous change triggered by reading one little book.

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Contributor: Jodi Thompson


Written by Nathaniel Fried

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