The Bologna Technique (2/10)

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Almost no one could eat an entire bologna whole (and who’d want to try?!) but if we cut it up Into little slices it’s edible. It’s the same with any task. This long-established time management technique has helped countless people overcome procrastination for decades – including me!

If you have a paper to write, for example, break it up into smaller sections of work – initial research, choosing a title, additional research, making an outline of points you wish to cover, etc. Set a timer for periods of 45 minutes during which you’ll work, then take a brief break to relax, phone a friend, have a cup of tea, whatever. If at home use your microwave timer. If you’re out, use your phone.

By breaking a task down into smaller “slices” that are easier to tackle, it seems less onerous, more doable,  and actually gets done!

Contributors: Arlene B. Englander from ArleneEnglander

Written by Ben Skute

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