The Breakup Supplement (2/22)

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The breakup supplement is an all natural mood enhancer for people dealing with a breakup, separation, and heartbreak. During a positive relationship, our brains are flooded with positive chemicals, such as dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, and oxytocin. In the initial stages of a relationship, dopamine makes you feel happiness, and norepinephrine is responsible feelings of excitement. 

Cortisol is released in response to stress, which lowers your levels of serotonin, the hormone responsible for impulse control. The oxytocin causes attachment to your partner. Throughout all of this, your brain is creating new connections associated with your partner. Hormonally and physiologically, you’ve essentially been brainwashed. 

Now, when you’re dumped, the stress causes your brain to freak out and release cortisol, lowering your levels of serotonin, destabilizing your emotions, while your source of positive chemicals is gone. The Breakup Supplement supplies the feel good chemicals and hormones in your brain so that you don’t feel as addicted to your old partner, and so you can take back your heart and mind! 

Contributor: Dr. Benjamin Ritter from Live for Yourself Consulting

Written by Ben Skute

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