The Buffalo Wool Co. Pro Gear Bison/Silk Crew Socks (2/36)

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Bison socks are something you probably haven’t heard of or experienced, but Dad would probably flip out at both the thought of wearing something made from bison and the seriously warm, surprisingly soft comfort that they give, even under the most extreme conditions. 

We have been very aggressive about testing these in some serious climates, we spend a lot of time in Alaska, working with the people who have to be out in some crazy cold temps for extended periods of time, focusing on outfitting Iditarod mushers, commercial fishermen in Alaska, hikers, hunters, and wildlife photographers. 

We have even placed two sock/glove vending machines at the airport in Anchorage, marketing to the workers going up to the oilfields on the north slope. 

Contributor: Ron Miskin from The Buffalo Wool Co. 

Written by Ben Skute

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