The Fountainhead (10/15)

[This book] is an incredible story, and posits Rand’s philosophy of objectivism. While reading the story one has to understand that the protagonist is an idealized man (an Ubermensch).

It is what we should aspire to, not what is actually achievable in reality. The decision to make the protagonist an architect to help explain her objectivist philosophy was purposefully chosen due to the struggle all architects face when designing a building that is simultaneously and individual achievement as well as a collective (social) one.

This book and the objectivist philosophy opened my eyes to a whole new way to view the world. One that I believe has made me a better person, and has given me a better perspective of the world.

(PS please note that I do not share in any of Rand’s political views (laissez-faire capitalism) which I think are terribly misguided) 

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Written by Nathaniel Fried

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