The Predictive Retailer by Andrew W Pearson (8/22)

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The Predictive Retailer is a retail company that utilizes the latest technological developments to deliver an exceptional personalized experience to each and every customer. Today, technology such as AI, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, IoT, Real-time stream processing, social media, and wearables are altering the Customer Experience (CX) landscape and retailers need to jump aboard this fast moving technology or run the risk of being left out in the cold. The Predictive Retailer reveals how these and other technologies can help shape the customer journey. The book details how the five types of analytics—descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive, and edge analytics—affect not only the customer journey but also just about every operating function of the retailer.

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Contributors: Andrew Pearson from Intelligencia Limited

Written by Taegan Lion

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