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Creating video content on a budget can be very effective when done right, but you need to be careful not to limit yourself. In 2018, all professional video content should have a minimum resolution of 1080p HD, otherwise you’ll only be encouraging a bad perception of your business. If you’re tight on budget, why not shop around for used equipment online, using established sites such as The great thing about camera equipment, especially with lenses, is that a lot of it maintains fairly well, meaning any used equipment will still feel as good as new.

If you still can’t afford to invest in a used HD DSLR, then another option could be to use your phone. Most smartphones now have high quality cameras, with phones like the iPhone 6s+ and Samsung Galaxy S5+ filming 4K video. Take a look at the video functionalities of the phones round your office; odds are someone will have a camera that is more than sufficient. From here, figure out what other equipment you need for your video purposes. A tripod, microphone, professional lighting, and maybe a stabiliser should do the job for most basic video content.

Contributors: Lee Fuller from Flaunt Digital

Written by Zak Parker

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