Third Circle Theory by Pejman Ghadimi (11/47)

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If you are looking for an easy to read manual on how to break out from the pack and are looking to help others, this is the book for you. TCT helped me envision a better world and a better life for myself. It helped me realize that I was not only setting goals too low for myself, but that part of the process of success is not just personal success, it is helping give back to others. This book was one of the main reasons I started my podcast which literally shows an abundance of examples of inspirational people from all types of backgrounds doing what they love and giving back to their community and those around them.

There are a million successful people in this world, that is easy to see. But, how many of these people take it one step further by then reaching out to others to help them through their own individual paths? No one becomes successful by themselves, and we must share and help teach others. It is then the role of the student to work hard with that new information. I am not saying to feed a man a fish, but rather teach him how to fish. This book is about selflessness and that your future is in your own hands.

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Written by Taegan Lion

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