Traveling Sleeper Package (24/66)

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The possibility of achieving great sleep while traveling is a wonderful gift for the frequent traveler. The Wink and Rise Traveling Sleeper package puts this elusive pursuit within reach so travelers can make the most of their trips.

This package includes an ultra-lightweight 40 Blinks eye mask for blocking out ambient light and creating a soothing microenvironment, a lightweight Travel Blanket Scarf to provide the perfect extra layer in chilly surroundings, a versatile Ostrich Pillow Mini, which is ideal for resting one’s head against vertical or horizontal surfaces, and a .5 oz travel-sized tin of Sleep Comes Easy salve, a wearable aromatherapy scent with notes of chamomile, lavender, bergamot, and lemon, to help your recipient relax and drift off peacefully.

Contributor: Casey Gardonio-Foat from Wink & Rise

Written by Ben Skute

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