Tuscany, Italy (1/13)

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Take a wild ride through the forest in Tuscany, Italy. Start at the medieval Ristonchi Castle at 601m high and ride down through charming small villages and winding forest roads with incredible views of the valley below. This mid-range difficulty trail will bring you back up the steep and rocky trek to the castle where a well balanced meal with lean protein will be ready for you. The castle now runs as a bed and breakfast and caters to adventure travellers so you can stay the night to rest your legs or longer and explore the other amazing trails to Vallombrosa Abbey and more.

Contributors: Stefanie Grassley from Ristonchi

Written by Ben Skute


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  1. They rent mountainbikes at the castle if you cant bring your own. Go in the wild in most beautiful part of Europe and meet wild life as you go tru the mountains and forrest! Thrully a dream for every biker or nature lovers!

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