Two Times Platinum by Lloyd Remick (3/24)

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With a quarterback and two rappers trading autographs in the elevator and a film producer with secured funding and national distribution waiting in reception, it is another picture perfect day in the offices of Dex Randle’s Philadelphia entertainment and sports law practice. 

That is, until Val Clifton and organized crime boss Vince Carpozzi march through the glass doors with an envelope stuffed full of cash. An emerging pop star with killer looks and a voice destined for fame, Val’s desires quickly rise to conflict with Carpozzi’s devious scheming and control. Soon love struck by her producer and fellow Dex client, Trolly Turner, the three must conceal a budding relationship from Carpozzi and his cronies. 

Following a gambling ploy gone awry and feeling a lack of appreciation from Val, Carpozzi vows to ruin them all. Blood is shed and lives are forever changed before Dex can salvage the day with a little help from some unlikely resources. 

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Contributor: Ryan Kenna from Austin Macauley Publishing 

Written by Taegan Lion

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  1. Loved this book. If you are into music or sports, this is a must read! This book really shows how deals go down in the entertainment and sports world.

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