UnbuckleMe (33/66)

UnbuckleMe is the perfect gift! It is an award-winning product that makes it EASY to unbuckle child car seat buckles.

The red button on child car seat buckles is hard to push, so kids can’t get themselves out. UnbuckleMe is the Mom-Invented solution that makes it 50% easier to unbuckle, and does not attach to the car seat. We invented this product for parents or grandparents with arthritis, weakness, or even long fingernails! Turns out that every family has someone who struggles with these car seat buckles!

Bonus: Under adult supervision, kids can quickly unbuckle themselves in the carpool drop-off line, so mom doesn’t have to get out of the car to do it or crawl to the third row. Kids 4 yrs+ can feel like “big kids” by unbuckling themselves, or their younger siblings.

Contributor: Becca Davison from UnbuckleMe

Written by Ben Skute

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