Up your flavor game (17/34)

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Myth: plant-based foods taste like soggy cardboard or rabbit feed.

FALSE. Plant-strong is flavor-strong. The possibilities for culinary creativity are endless. There’s a plethora of spice combinations, light gravies and rich sauces. Cooking variations produce a taste-adventure: grilled, pan-friend, oven-roasted, marinated, blanched, steamed, deep fried (yeah I said it), smoked… feeling inspired yet? Here’s our challenge for you: try your hand at preparing (4) veggies this month in ways you’re not used to or have never attempted before. Try new, custom spice blends. The journey to your palate-pleasing paradise begins with getting out of your comfort (food) zone.

Contributors: Austin Alvarez from BuildingOurRez

Written by Ben Skute

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