Use Facebook Live (15/17)

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Does just the thought of doing a Facebook Live freak you the fluff out? If so, you are NOT alone! A majority of the messages I get from people are regarding video and more specifically how to create a beautiful Facebook Live.

Video is really where it’s at if you’re wanting to reach a mass amount of people as quickly and inexpensively as possible.  Not only that, they can really *connect*with you.  They will be able to quickly tell if you are someone they dig or not, which is part of the whole, Know, Like + Trust factor that is the cornerstone of good authentic marketing.

Whether you have had your own brick and mortar shop for years, or you are just starting up your own Young Living essential oil business, Facebook Live’s give everyone an equal playing field.

Contributors: Martha Krejci from MarthaKrejci

Written by Ben Skute

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