Using self-storage units (5/9)

If you find yourself having to place some items in storage when moving into your first home due to renovations or other delays, be sure to choose the right size unit for your needs. in the world of self-storage units, bigger equals more money. Before just going with the biggest available unit, take the time to inventory what you actually need to store. Once you have figured out the items to be stored, you can choose the appropriate unit for your needs. 

Also, if you find yourself moving some items into your home and putting others in self-storage, make an inventory list for each. It’s important to know where all your items are. Your inventory list of stored items should be kept in a safe place at home or in a safe deposit box. 

Consider renting a U-Haul to save money. If it’s your first home, you might have some items that are a little too big to transport in a car but not big enough to warrant hiring movers. 

Contributor: Marshall Weber


Written by Nathaniel Fried

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  1. Yes, but given the limited time period which you’ll be using it, bigger also equates to having a bit more room to move things around INSIDE the storage unit, which can make access to things in a preferred order a bit easier.

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