Video Marketing (2/19)

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As a Local business, you are better when you are face-to-face. For this reason, local businesses should take full advantage of the power of video as one of the core methods to attract awareness and build relationships. Video put YOU the local business owner, back into your relationships and help them stay in touch more effectively. The best and most effective method is to incorporate video into their email communications & social media posts. The key to winning attention in their patrons crowded inbox or social media feeds are simply their smiling face. Videos can be used as part of their email communications, birthday wishes to their customers, VIP offers, request for customer reviews, and method to build relationships by introducing the community to other local businesses. Use video to re-humanize communications.

Contributors: Javed S. Khan from EMpression

Written by Zak Parker

Journalist, writer, musician, professional procrastinator. I'll add more here later.

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