Vid’s Viddles: Daily Vitamins for the Soul (9/12)

Vid’s Viddles, an eye-opening story of freedom, insight and wholesome joy, provides the reader with a point of view containing no filters. It’s designed to be the most honest, profound and clarifying piece of literature anyone picks up.

“This is a collection of short motivational pieces that offer words of wisdom about life, love, spirit, leadership, friendship, pain, fear, happiness and so many more emotions,” said Buggs.

“Vid’s Viddles is designed to serve as a source of support, inspiration and motivational growth for anyone enduring hardship, doubt or stunted self-growth.”

Vid’s Viddles serves to inspire growth through tough times, helping both adults and teens stay vital and in love with life, savoring the beauty that each unique day brings.

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Contributor: Vid Lamonte’ Buggs Jr.


Written by Nathaniel Fried

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