Wildlife Biologist Creates Niche Travel Site (1/1)

As a field biologist, and avid outdoorsman, I have a long history with lightweight backpacks and trail gear. I’ve always loved to travel, and in 2015 I decided to see the world. I wanted to see as much of as I could before I died, by whatever means necessary. For me, this meant reducing unnecessary clutter in my life, and prioritizing my life around travel.

While I still work as a field biologist, I have taken up a second career managing a niche travel website. I decided to take my passion and knowledge of lightweight travel gear, and start a travel product review site. We give advice and provide product reviews of travel gear, with the goal of helping people live a life rich with experiences. For many one baggers, it’s not a devotion to insane minimalism, it’s simply a decision to travel with less stuff.

Contributor: Geoff Grisdale from One Bag Travels

Written by Geoff Grisdale

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