Will & Fox Babies Swim Diaper (4/42)

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Saving families hundreds by ditching the disposables and all those swim pants they go through as they grow super fast!

With a 100% waterproof shell and the silkies stretchy edging to maximize protection from poo blow outs, our swim diapers are the most reliable on the market.

Echo friendly families go wild over our trendy fashionable swim diapers!

In addition, they are adjustable to fit your little ones from their first swim until they turn 3 years (average sized 3 year old).

Contributor: Mama Fox from WillandFox

Written by Ben Skute


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  1. How bizarre seeing this here! I just purchased a 2 pack of these yesterday! There was a coupon on them that made them more than half price! Worked out to be less than $9 each (from memory). Cannot wait for them to arrive as it has been unusually hot!

  2. I love how these diapers will grow with my baby! There’s so many things he can only wear once because of how quickly he grows.

  3. The best swim diaper I have used by far is this one. I have saved so much money because of these pants since they’re supposed to fit my baby til she’s 3. I’ve been buying them for my friends for their baby showers too and they love them!

  4. What!? The one pair of pants fit from birth until they are the size of a 3 year old? That’s amazing! They just look like normal swim pants. I am impressed. Magic pants lol! Do they make them in adult sizes!

  5. Thanks for posting this, I have been looking for a quality pair swimwear that has the inbuilt diaper for a long time. Everything I have seen has been really boring but I just checked out their website and they have so many fashionable designs. Thanks

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