Young Chefs Academy (2/4)

Young Chefs Academy is the nation’s original kids cooking franchise. Focused on providing a nurturing hands-on environment for children to learn valuable culinary skills, Young Chefs Academy inspires its students to develop a lifelong love of cooking, while cultivating their creativity through experimentation and education in the kitchen. One part culinary adventure and one part education, Young Chefs Academy nourishes personal discovery and empowers students through culinary exploration.

Young Chefs Academy also offers adult workshops called YoungChefs@Heart. Classes will offer a unique, relaxed, kid-free cooking experience crafted by experts in their field of culinary expertise. Each YoungChefs@HeartTM workshop is based on a theme like holiday parties or international cuisine. Adult chefs can enjoy their favorite beverages while learning to bake pecan cupcakes with rum frosting or make roasted grape and ricotta crostini, creating the perfect environment to unwind and socialize for the night.

Contributor: Lindsay Harrison from youngchefsacademy

Written by James Metcalfe

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