16 Ways To Drastically Improve The Interior Of Your Home

If you have been living in your house for a while, the interior can get a little boring as you have become accustomed to it. Sprucing the interior of your house is a great way of improving your home life as well as giving you that change of scenery you may need.

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#1 Accessorize

A quick trip to the store for new pillows, throws and rugs can pull together color in a room to add color and transform a space.

Contributors: Kelly Paulson from Your Color Consultant

#2 Stay Neutral

A new coat of paint (neutral please!) will cover a multitude of sins. At a minimum take a magic eraser to your cabinets, baseboards and walls. New construction is booming and a ready-to-go home helps your property compete.

Contributors: Ashley Baillio, Realtor at The Keyes Company in Florida

#4 Tidy Up

I always ask my clients to declutter before listing a house. People fail to realize how the accumulation of little choochkies and knick knacks can crowd up a space and detract from the clean lines of a room. A simple clearing out and storing of some of your possessions can have a profound effect on putting your spaces best foot forward. As a rule of thumb, I tell me clients to remove between 25-50% of the items on their shelves, mantles, and closets to achieve a cleaner more streamlined look.

Contributors: William Fastow from TTR Sotheby's International Realty

#9 Install or Enlarge Windows or Skylights if Budget Allows

Natural light is one of the few aesthetic elements of your home that a talented interior designer can't fake. It's also close to or at the very top of most of my clients' wish lists. Why not give them what they want? Installing a casement window in the kitchen or tube skylight in a dark office, will make your buyer (and agent) very happy.

Contributors: Sarah Johnson from TheClose

#10 The Importance of Clean Counters

Tidy closets and drawers are wonderful but one of the most important areas of your home to keep neat are your countertops. Kitchen counters are a dumping ground for everything, by everyone, in your home. Mail, keys, school work, notes about activities, receipts, checkbooks, and more get lost in piles on your counters if there’s no method to the madness. The first thing you need to do to control the clutter is designate an inbox for the paper items. If it’s paper, it needs to go here. Take a couple of minutes every day to sort through the inbox. Toss anything that can be thrown, file bills and important mail away in the office, and handle school work and permission slips right away. Anything with upcoming dates should be put into your main calendar system whether it’s electronic or an old school write-on calendar.

Contributors: Marty Basher  from Modular Closets

#13 What a difference lighting makes

If you are looking for a simple way to improve how the interior of your home looks, there is nothing simpler than changing a few light bulbs. However, this simple action will make a huge difference. Just think of how different the colors in your interior look during the day versus at sunset. So switch out your light bulbs for warm yellow-toned ones to give your space a cozier, warmer feel. Or go for blue-white bulbs to add that clean, bright vibe to your home, which will not only make your space feel bigger but will also make you more productive.

Contributors: Arthur Smith from LEDwatcher

#16 Open Up Your Space with the Perfect Kitchen Wall Color

While the wall color for a kitchen is based around the decor, the general rule of thumb is to keep it light and neutral: think white, light blue, even pale yellow. These colors will make the room look bigger, bring light into the space, and will also make the kitchen look and feel clean. Don't forget that your kitchen is not only a room for entertaining but also a workspace that you want to keep looking at tidy as possible.

Contributors: Abra Landau of Fashion Furniture

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Written by Taegan Lion

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