OFF-White ss 18 Is Why Streetwear Is Dominating The Market

Virgil Abloh does not need any presentation, being Kanye’s previous creative director and the current one for Louis Vuitton, Off White’s CEO and founder is here to break boundaries once again with this SS18 collection. Let’s break down which are the best pieces.

OW x Champions

It’s no secret that Virgil is a renowned designer within the fashion business. Given the fact that he is currently a big name (probably the biggest), this gave him the chance of working with many different brands such as IKEA, Nike and Champions, therefore, my personal favourite for this collection is indeed the Champions collab.

Camouflage Sweatpants

The most intriguing part of Virgil’s creative approach is the sense of destruction and separation he wants to add to a renowned design: taking a very simple and acknowledged piece like these simple camo-pants to then apply his signature Off White trademark, it’s the element of separation required to bring these kind of products from a mere streetwear piece to a desirable, branded piece of art.

Flyknit Sliders

Another important aspect of Virgil’s personality and creative mind is the fact that he’s pretty much a business genius. Given the fact that sliders are pretty much the industry’s biggest trend for this summer since the whole LA-Trap movement put them under the spotlight, seeing a very “branded” pair coming directly from Virgil was just a matter of time. Being naturally flashy and foolish, those ones are a true representation of Abloh’s mastermind. “LEFT” | “RIGHT”.

Camouflage Diag Cap

Designer Trucker Caps are surely a considerable part of the whole market but what OFF white is doing since its beginning, is indeed trying to break the rules and redefine trends as they currently are. That’s why they decided to focus on bringing attention to their trademark avoiding fancy shapes and designs (at least for this particular model).

To Conclude

The creative mastermind that is working on behalf of the man we all know as Virgil Abloh is indeed ahead of time and, by exploiting their high-level brand awareness, the brand is not scared of pushing its limits every single time. With this SS collection, we are still able to see that niche approach that made the boutique a global phenomenon a couple of years ago, which is exactly what we wanted to see. Bravo, Virgil.

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Written by Vicky Layton