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12 Fashion Blogs That Are Actually Worth Reading

There is literally thousands of fashion blogs out there, but which ones are actually worth reading? Here are 12 fashion blogs you should be reading.

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#1 She Saw Style

She is a fashion blogger with depth, I find that to be non existent. She seamlessly balances a love for fashion with her love for woman finding their own self worth outside of surface. She is real and honest. 

Contributors: Stephanie Whitman from She Saw Style 

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  1. She is the best blogger and I am following her blogs. When I bought a real leather jacket from Sky-Seller an online store which has a huge collection of leather jackets, I started to read her blogs about how to wear and look stylish by your jacket.

  2. Agree with previous comments. Such a big heart!

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#3 VienneMilano’s Fashion Stockings Blog

VienneMilano's fashion blog focuses on topics related to hosiery and stockings. For example: How to wear thigh highs, how to care for luxury hosiery, and how to style colorful stockings. VienneMilano's fashion blog also provides fashion infographics and fashion history lessons.

Contributors: Vienne Brown from VienneMilano

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#4 Who What Wear

If you know only one fashion blog, there’s a good chance it might be Who What Wear. With it’s finger firmly on the pulse of celebrity fashion, it’s an absolute must for the lowdown on the hottest styles. Not to say Who What Wear is only for the greatest connoisseurs of fashion, its shopping articles offer must have practical tips on getting a killer wardrobe. If you’re seeing a hot trend, Who What Wear will make sure you know exactly where to find it. A godsend!

Contributors: Matthew de Noronha from Hidden Fashion

#5 The Mom Edit

Founded in 2008 by Shana Draugelis, The Mom Edit is a shopping and lifestyle website with a candid take on modern parenting. Shana and her contributors focus on fashionable looks for moms - and address everything from the best postpartum swimsuits to what to pack for kids on vacation.

Contributors:  Alexa Miller from The Mom Edit

#7 Trend Tips

At Trend Tips you will find fashion and travel together, always on a budget. Luli Monteleone is Brazilian and lives in Portugal and is always traveling in style around Europe. She shows where to shop in different destinations, fashion museums around the world, the best flea markets and thrift shops and, off course, her outfits, in a daily basis or to travel. Tips how to pack a carry on and be stylish in all your trips, what to buy and much more! Everything without spending a lot and everything just as real as it can be! 

Contributors: Luli Monteleone from Trend Tips

#9 Sincerely Riley

This fashion blogger, Riley Costello, has taken blogging to the next level by applying the fashion blogging formula to her novel, Waiting at Hayden’s. You can shop her characters’ clothes while reading the book. Her blog itself also uses fashion to draw readers in, then shares stories about love and relationships.

Contributors: Genita Kovacevich from Sullivan & Shea Publishing

#10 The Blonde Salad

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You might best know the founder of The Blonde Salad, Chiara Ferragni, as a huge fashion influencer on Instagram. With over 13 million followers, she’s definitely someone to check out if you haven’t already. Her blog The Blonde Salad mixes fun articles with amazing fashion advice. With a carefree writing style, her blog has evolved to covering everything from style, make-up, travel and lifestyle.

Contributors: Matthew de Noronha from Hidden Fashion

#11 Wish Wish Wish

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Carrie Santana da Silva’s blog Wish Wish Wish has always been a favorite for us, her eye for simple yet modern fashion always has us wanting more. If you love European cities, Wish Wish Wish also blogs about gorgeous places with photography that makes us just a little travel-jealous. Carrie’s definitely one to check out if you love cosy fashion and heart warming writing.

Contributors: Matthew de Noronha from Hidden Fashion

#12 Mona Monet

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Mona Monet's weekly blogs are funny, informative, well-written, and are not only about fashion, but also touch on what inspires the brand and their founders: travel, culture, girl power, history, gastronomy, and all things fun and interesting.

Contributors: Courtney Muro from Mona Monet

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