Unique Marketing Ideas For A Dating App/Website

Starting a dating app or website is no easy task. After you’ve managed to get everything up and running, you’ll need to market it. Here are some unique marketing ideas for your dating app/website.

#1 Piña Colada


What is Piña Colada?

Piña Colada brings dating back to real life by connecting groups of six like-minded singles over great food in San Francisco’s best restaurants.

How did Piña Colada grow?

As the founder of Piña Colada I signed up for various dating apps and engaged with users to tell them about our service as an alternative to swiping. Many folks have developed a hate-love relationship with dating apps and are willing to give Piña Colada a try as they actually craving real life connections. While they may have initially been intrigued by my profile, they end up going on a group dinner date with five like-minded singles.

Contributors:  Kati Schmidt from Piña Colada 

#2 Influencer Engagement


Reaching out to influencers is a tried and true marketing technique. Reaching out with a dating app allows you to create more of a story around your product. Hollywood have been doing it since the beginning of time, promoting their product through a will they, won't they romance. An influencer using your app as a story, not as a product, shows real life exposure and creates it's own curiosity. Imagine your favorite influencer waiting to hear back from a 'match' or deliberating over profile pictures. It's a mutually exclusive story that pulls your app from marketing to use. Next level of this concept is influencer couples. Two influencers who's love is sparked through your app.

Contributors: Nate Masterson from Maple Holistics

#3 Launch at Fraternities And Sororities

Tell them about your app/site and ask if their group would be interested in trying it out so you can gather feedback on what they like/don't like and you'll waive the fee so they can use it for free. The great thing about this approach is it's free and if they like it they'll most likely help you spread the word about it. 

Contributors: Wyatt Fisher from ChristianCrush

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Written by Zak Parker

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