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14 Best Books On Marketing Automation | Automate EVERYTHING

This article showcases our top picks for ‘books on marketing automation’. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls by Latané Conant

This product was recommended by Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing Inc

“No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls.,” is both Conant’s and 6sense’s collective knowledge and industry expertise on modern marketing strategy and the tactics to make them happen. Intended for sales and marketing leadership seeking to hone their craft and forgo the status quo by truly embracing their customers’ needs and habits. “The world needs more bold, exponential thinking to help businesses and brands stand out, challenge the status quo and create sustainable value,” said Matt Heinz, President at Heinz Marketing, Inc. “This book is both an example and a challenge to help B2B marketers succeed.” “We’re at a crossroads in B2B marketing and sales,” said Conant. “The buying journey has changed, and the old playbook no longer works. As leaders, we have to decide if we’ll continue on, business as usual, or choose to meet the moment. I decided to write this book because I wanted to share some of the things I’ve learned along the way, mistakes I’ve made, and the breakthroughs I and others have had as we learn to use technology and deep insights to put customer experience first.” “No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls.” delivers uncomfortable truths that can serve as a tipping point toward engaging customers and achieving predictable revenue growth. Additionally, proceeds from book sales will go to GoodSense, the charitable arm of 6sense.

Launch by Jeff Walker

This product was recommended by John Pinedo from Freedom Bound Business

Jeff Walker’s Launch book teaches the email marketing automation approach to launch products successfully. It’s considered a bible of sorts by online entrepreneurs, and I followed the marketing automation advice for my first digital course launch, and it led to my first four-figure day ever! If you’re thinking about launching a product online, and need help with marketing automation strategy, Jeff’s book is a must-read.

UnCloned Marketing by Audria Richmond

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

Complete with kick-butt advice, repeatable step-by-step strategies, and proven case studies from popular brands, this book will help you to master marketing like the pros.

The Sales Funnel Book v2.0 by Nathan Williams

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

The Sales Funnel Book v2.0: The Simple Plan To Multiply Your Business With Marketing Automation by Nathan Williams teaches the “Interest Driven” strategy to help you plan, build, and implement sales funnels that automatically mold to your subscribers, leads, and customers – allowing you to better relate and sell more!

Digital Marketing Strategy by Simon Kingsnorth

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

Digital Marketing Strategy: An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing by Simon Kingsnorth is an ideal road map for any marketer to streamline a digital marketing strategy for measurable, optimized results. Online resources include practical implementation guides spanning SEO, paid search, email, lead generation, and more.

Marketing Automation by Being David

This product was recommended by Jeev Trika from TopSEOs

This book is a result of the learning & experiences along the way. This is a crisp, concise & no-nonsense book. Reading this book will get you Marketing Automation ready in a day. Then you will figure out how easy Marketing Automation is & will keep the ball rolling. This book is written keeping in mind beginners so everything is explained in the book very nicely.

Digital Marketing For Dummies by Ryan Deiss

This product was recommended by Kate Diaz from Swankyden

This book will provide you with practical and proven digital marketing strategies that you can utilize not just to build your brand, but to engage your target audience as well. Following these can help you acquire more customers and eventually lead to more sales. What especially like about this book is how the authors present the latest best practice to guide you in building a digital marketing strategy that can enhance the core of your business.

#GetSocialSmart by Katie Lance

This product was recommended by Kate Diaz from Swankyden

This is an excellent read if you’re looking for surefire ways on how you can take advantage of social media. It gives you an insight into which social media platforms are right for you and your business, as well as understand how you can effectively use them. Furthermore, the book will also teach you how to apply various social technologies as part of building your social media strategy. These include how you can use these technologies to tell the story of your company and create and nurture the relationship between you and your clients.

Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson

This product was recommended by Bruce Harpham from BruceHarpham

I recommend Traffic Secrets because it lays out a step by step process to leverage various marketing channels. From an automation perspective, the book is particularly valuable in describing how to repurpose marketing content to be used multiple times in different channels. Best of all, the book was published in 2020 so it is fully up to date.

Marketing Automation for Dummies by Mathew Sweezey

This product was recommended by Mia Clarke from Invert Pro

A book that provides an excellent foundation for understanding what marketing automation is and is not. When I was starting into marketing I found this book and it helped a lot. When coupled with other work from the content marketing institute this book provides a valuable road map for anyone looking into the Inbound marketing space.

Marketing Automation Foundation by Steve & Brian Thomas

This product was recommended by Stefan Smulders from Expandi

As a home-based business owner, I found this book to be very insightful and full of invaluable information when it came to managing my business more efficiently. With the advice within this book, I have made my marketing strategies more effective and gained better results with my new and improved marketing automation systems. Brian and Steve have given a treasure trove of information that any small business owner should utilize to their advantage and growth of their business productivity. After switching over and adjusting my marketing strategies and automation foundations, my business has continued to thrive and expand faster than it was previously and will continue to grow under the new systems I have set in place after reading this book.

Automate and Grow by Michael Devellano

This product was recommended by Jeremy Harrison from Hustle Life

Before a company could scale, you need to automate and grow! This book is clearly from a man with experience and know-how. You can tell from the ideas that he knows what he’s talking about. The views are straightforward and can be easily understood. You can take your pick from the many different real-life examples that were given. Reading this book will provide you with the vision you need to scale to the next level.

Marketing Automation Unleashed By Casey Cheshire

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from BuyAutoInsurance

The author of this book, Casey Cheshire, brings the potentially dry subject of marketing automation to life through examples and real-life stories. It keeps the reader’s interest while sharing a practical, step-by-step guide to make marketing automation work for your business. He shares programs and tools that have a history of success and helps the reader understand which techniques will serve their needs best.

Marketing Strategies We Used to Bootstrap Visme to over 4 Million users by Farzad Rashidi

This product was recommended by Farzad Rashidi from Respona

Not everyone has a multi-million dollar marketing budget…and neither does Visme! The team over at Visme has spent over 450 hours documenting every single strategy that helped build it from the ground up to over 4 million users. Not only does Visme excel in visual/content marketing, but they have helped streamline the process behind outreach and PR marketing through automation. The ebook is free to download and goes deep into topics such as building organic traffic, content marketing, and influencer marketing. By downloading the ebook, you can even receive exclusive access to the outreach automation software that helped Visme get to where it is 🙂

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