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The Best Plants For Kitchen | Expert Recommendations

This article showcases our top picks for the Best Plants For Kitchen. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Napa Home & Garden Conservatory Basil HERB

This product was recommended by Chris Lok from CouponDuos

Basil is a greenhouse herb with an aromatic scent. It grows relatively fast, with new leaves growing within a few weeks after transplanting. Also, placing it in the kitchen can be used as an ingredient in our daily life, fresh and portable. It is also easy to take care of them, you just need to place them in a small corner of your kitchen with sunlight and water them regularly every day.

Chinese Evergreen ‘Lady Valentine’ – 4 Pot

This product was recommended by Chris Lok from CouponDuos

The evergreen plant is suitable for any corner of your home and you can place it anywhere you want. Meanwhile, the green and pink leaves make it look very special and vibrant. Place it in a small corner of your kitchen to make you feel happier while cooking. It doesn’t require much sunlight, you just need to water it when you think of it and almost don’t need to care much for it.

Genovese Basil Seeds

This product was recommended by Smriti Tuteja from Yogic Experience

Basil is one of the easiest herbs to grow. It can be planted both indoors and outdoors and can be harvested frequently. These seeds have a nearly 100% germination rate and you do not have to wait long for them to arrive. It comes with an amazing flavour that makes it an integral part of several cuisines. Also, its medicinal properties make it a popular houseplant. With a basil plant in the kitchen, that delicious pasta is just a craving away.

Chamomile Sow Right Seeds

This product was recommended by Norbert Juma from Everyday Power

The Chamomile plant is a good plant for the kitchen. The plant itself represents wealth and money so it is a good indoor plant. Aside from that, parts of the plant can be dried and made into tea as it has tremendous benefits. Chamomile is known to treat gastrointestinal problems, making it a very good kitchen plant.

Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Arp’ (Rosemary) Herb

This product was recommended by Brett White from Addicted to Veggies

The best plant to have around the kitchen has to be a small Rosemary Plant, I use rosemary constantly when I am cooking, and having access to fresh rosemary really makes a difference to the store-bought rosemary. Not only do you get a fresh ingredient, but the plant also looks and smells amazing in your kitchen, and all you need to do is make sure it is regularly watered to keep it in good shape.

Spider Plant

This product was recommended by Rob Greene from Price of Meat

Spider-Plants are hardy, strong, and don’t need to be fussed over and cared for in the same way that a lot of other houseplants do. All you need to do is water it, and the Spider-Plant, one of nature’s miraculous atmospheric scrubbers and most prolific oxygen providers, will return the favor by eliminating all of the cooking odors and smells in your kitchen while you’re beavering away at the stove.

Peppermint Seeds

This product was recommended by Granger McCollough from Elite Patio Direct

When looking for greenery in your kitchen, you want something that not only brings a bit of color to the room but has its uses practically as well. Having a mint plant does just that. The full, green mint leaves bring a vivid part of nature into your kitchen as well as smell amazing, but the best part about having a mint plant in your kitchen is that you have fresh mint on hand constantly, whether using it in food or drink, nothing beats fresh mint.

Chives Herb Edible Plant

This product was recommended by Sarah Beaumont from Indoor Home Garden

Chives are such an easy plant to care for – they simply need regular watering (once every few days), and to be kept by a sunny window. They are also perfect for the kitchen because chives are such a delicious addition to all types of food, including salads, pasta dishes, and casseroles. With their fast-growing time, you can pick a few shoots for your food and there will be plenty more shoots growing back in their place.

Costa Farms ZZ Zamioculcas zamiifolia, Indoor Plant

This product was recommended by Paul Walsh from Weselltek

For my kitchen space, I like easy-to-maintain and resilient plants. One of my favorites is the ZZ plant. Zamioculcas zamiifolia, also known as the ZZ plant, is a tough plant. Its striking erect waxy leaves can withstand even the darkest spaces and corners. You can easily keep the plant on the corner of your kitchen counter and let it face the sun once a week. You only need to water it when the upper few centimeters of soil are dry.

Ionantha Tillandsia Air Plant Pack

This product was recommended by Victoria Culbertson from NYC House Cleaners

I absolutely adore air plants for the kitchen. Air plants, sometimes known as tillandsia, are epiphytes, meaning they grow in bright light without soil. You can keep it near the cabinet on a glass globe, let it hang in a pot, or mount it on a wooden surface. If you’re new to plant parenting, it’s a good option because it is a very low-maintenance plant. You just need to spray it occasionally or give it a weekly rinse before letting it drip dry.

Asiatic Lilium Bulbs Mixed Lilies,Lily Bulbs

This product was recommended by Sharon Dylan from Management Help LLC

Asiatic lilies are one of the most colorful and most beautiful flowers. They actually symbolize purity and grace. With their beautiful blooms, even the bees are attracted to them. They also have sweet nectars that’s why bees love them. Aside from their sweet nectars, what draws bees to them is their faint sweet fragrance. That is why when they are in full bloom, you are bound to see a bee or two swirling around these flowers.

Guzmania/Bromeliad Orange Jazz Blazing Star Vase Plant

This product was recommended by Rachel Scott from National TASC LLC

Bromeliads are good plants to be grown in pots, hence, they are perfect as balcony plants. They don’t have complex soil, water, and light requirements so they can be easily grown in pots. They also have long-lasting flowers so they will give a breath of fresh air in the room. They also thrive well in high humidity so any room is a good place for them to grow. They don’t require much effort in caring for them and they easily thrive as long as watered regularly.

Eucalyptus Live Aromatic and Healthy Herb

This product was recommended by Sharon Sanders from Philadelphia Weekly

The Eucalyptus plant is a good plant to have in the kitchen. Since the kitchen can sometimes stink due to organic food leftovers, the eucalyptus plant can neutralize that odour. The Eucalyptus plant also has a lot of health benefits. It is known to promote relaxation and relieve colds. Hence, having one in the kitchen can do wonders.

Costa Farms Monstera Indoor Plant

This product was recommended by Arthur Worsley from The Art Of Living

Monstera plants are great for the kitchen because they are fairly easy to maintain and good for all types of kitchens. They are also very pleasing to the eyes so it adds a lot of style to the kitchen. The only offset here is that they are a bit pricey. However, once you have an intact mother plant, you can do cuttings can in order to have more.

Ficus Lyrata Fiddle-Leaf Fig Indoor Tree

This product was recommended by Nick Bolshaw from Inyouths LED Mirrors

The resilient fiddle leaf fig is a plant that can adjust to its surroundings. It’s a big plant that, under the appropriate circumstances, can reach a height of six feet. Place it in the dining room or kitchen corner to bring some greenery to an otherwise bare room. It can withstand shaded situations but likes bright light near a sunny window. Never water until the soil seems dry to the touch. Water it thoroughly, letting the water drain through the drainage holes at the bottom, and then wait for the soil to become completely dry before watering it once more. These are the qualities that make it perfect for your kitchen.

Dionaea Muscipula Venus Fly Trap Plant

This product was recommended by Ruth Novales from Fortis Medical Billing Professionals

A friend recently gifted me a Venus Flytrap. I placed it on my kitchen counter since this plant thrives in warm temperatures of 70 F to 90 F and indirect sunlight. I was pleasantly surprised that it caught both flying and non-flying insects like flies, mosquitoes, and spiders. This carnivorous plant is so helpful in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene in my kitchen. It helps eliminate pesky gnats and flies that can contaminate kitchen surfaces and food with dangerous germs. It’s very easy to maintain, requiring watering every 2 to 4 days, BUT water only with RO, distilled, or rainwater. Don’t use tap water because its minerals will harm the plant.

Asparagus Fern (Plumosa) – Easy to Grow Houseplant

This product was recommended by Steve Anderson from Junk Yard Near Me

Because it isn’t truly a fern, this fluffy plant can take a lot more damage than other ferns. Asparagus setaceus thrives in both bright and dark environments. It will thrive if the soil is kept moist. It’s also ideal for use in miniature or fairy gardens. It grows to 18 to 24 tall when fully grown and prefers rich, evenly moist, well-drained soil. Partially shady light is preferred.

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