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The Best Plants For Toilet | Expert Recommendations

This article showcases our top picks for the Best Plants For Toilet. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Spider Plants

This product was recommended by Rajesh Namase from TechRT

Spider plants are the best plants for toilets because they are easy to care for, thrive in moist environments, and help purify the air. Spider plants are native to tropical and subtropical regions of Africa and Asia, so they are used to warm, moist climates. This makes them ideal for bathrooms, which are often humid environments. Spider plants also do not require a lot of light to grow, so they can prosper even in the dimmer conditions found in many bathrooms. In addition to being easy to care for, spider plants also help purify the air. They remove harmful toxins like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde from the air, making your bathroom a healthier place to be.

Devil’s Ivy Golden Pothos

This product was recommended by Robert Johnson from Coast Appliances

Make your bathroom more refreshing and inviting by placing a trailing plant, like the golden pothos. This plant can thrive in indirect sunlight. It’s a perfect addition to any bathroom because it loves moist and can complement any decor and appliance, like towel dyers. Purify the air in your bathroom space with golden pothos, which helps eliminate formaldehyde and other chemicals and unwanted odors. Enjoy looking at its rich yellow-green leaves while relaxing in your comfort space.


This product was recommended by Benjamin Kwurunma from guitarbassguide

This live plant blossoms well both in a low light environment and direct light, is easy to care for, and flourish perfectly well in humid and damp conditions. I love them because of their sturdy nature, and they stay alive and fresh for a long time.

Succulent Plants

This product was recommended by Benjamin Kwurunma from guitarbassguide

The succulent plant is another beautiful plant, and one of my personal favorites. It blooms all year round and grows only about 1-2 inches long. It is a very mature plant and very easy to maintain. With proper care, it thrives from year to year. This indoor plant does not need to be overwatered; it can survive with just little watering maybe just once a month.

Artificial Faux Plant

This product was recommended by Lindsey Hyland from Urban Organic Yield

They are the best plants for toilet because they are artificial plants. They are perfect for decorating your bathroom and make it look more beautiful. These plants do not require any water or sunlight, so you can keep them anywhere you want. Moreover, these plants are non-toxic and therefore, safe for use.

Boston ferns

This product was recommended by Mark Joseph from Parental Queries

These plants are great at purifying the air and look nice. You can hang or put them on a shelf, and they do well in bright and low light. Moreover, they don’t need to be watered very often, so they are perfect for people who forget to water their plants. Another benefit of Boston ferns is that they can help absorb excess moisture from the air. This is perfect for bathrooms, which tend to be quite humid.

Snake Plants

This product was recommended by Lily Will from Ever Wallpaper

This snake plant is extremely difficult to eradicate. You can easily grow this type of plant. After all, it can live in low light and tolerate drought because it originated on a deserted island in West Africa. This snake plant can also clear out indoor pollution, which is beneficial to your toilets, so if you are new to collecting, this snake plant is ideal for you.


This product was recommended by Sharon Sanders from Philadelphia Weekly

These plants are quite popular among people who have indoor plants because they are low-maintenance and very sturdy. They can thrive even with low light and changing water pH. WIth a variety of leaf colors and shapes, they are also used to beautify aquariums. Hence, they are really good plants to place in bathrooms or toilets.

Gerold’s Spurge Euphorbia Geroldii

This product was recommended by Abigail Richards from Tech President

Gerold’s Spurge is one of the few plants that still can grow beautifully even if planted in full sun, shaded, or a rockery environment. They are originally found in Madagascar but have been bred to grow in tropical and other countries because of their beautiful flowers. They produce small, pink-clumping flowers, adding color to a rockery. With that, they are good plants to grow in this kind of area.

Jasminum Polyanthum

This product was recommended by Chris Myles from Golf Cart Go

This plants give off a seriously strong scent when flowers are present, they’re very pleasant and mask all of the unpleasant scents that come from the bathroom. We found that these plants grow best with frequent water and plenty of light. But, these plants are not great for those with sinus issues – that’s not a problem in our household (which is lucky, because I’m not sure what that would mean for my golf days!) but it’s good to note.

Polka Dot Plant

This product was recommended by Jenna Moran from Whimsy and Spice

Polka dot plants are an excellent choice for bathrooms because they can add a pop of color to what can otherwise be a lifeless room! Most varieties will come with dots in red and purple shades, although you can also find white and pink shades, which allows the plant to match most styles of home. These flowers love light moisture and lots of sunlight, so they are perfect for bathroom window sills.

Tillandsia Air Plants

This product was recommended by Adam Enfroy from Adam Enfroy

This is such a quirky and fun plant that will liven up your bathroom for sure. This plant is low-maintenance and they thrive in hot and humid conditions. Taking nutrients from the air, light, and water through tiny vessels in the leaves, these plants don’t need any soil at all which makes them incredibly easy to care for.

Christmas Cactus Plant

This product was recommended by Sydney Brisco from Desert Garden

A Christmas cactus is an excellent option for a bathroom plant. This jungle plant actually appreciates a humid environment to thrive in. However, if you don’t use your bathroom for a while, it can tolerate dry environments. So a guest bathroom especially will be a perfect spot for a Christmas cactus. And the blooms are beautiful!

Norfolk Island Pine Tree

This product was recommended by Sydney Brisco from Just A Homeowner

If you want to bring a small piece of the outdoors indoors, a Norfolk Island pine tree is perfect. It wants to be kept damp at all times so make sure it goes into a bathroom that is used frequently for showers. This little tree will stay quite petit and grow to only a few feet tall so it will fit any bathroom.

Bamboo Palm

This product was recommended by Jen Stark from Happy DIY Home

This tropical plant is perfect for adding a touch of the tropics to your bathroom décor. It’s also known to be very effective at purifying the air, so it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a plant that will help improve the quality of the air in your bathroom.

Heart Leaf Philodendron Plant

This product was recommended by Marty Ford from BulletpRoof Roof Systems Ltd

Philodendrons are another great choice for bathrooms, as they’re very easy to care for, and they help to purify the air. They also look great, so they’re a great way to add some extra style to your bathroom décor.

Aloe Vera

This product was recommended by Andrew Macfarlane from We Love Brum

Aloe vera is an excellent option for a window sill in a bright bathroom. An aloe vera will add liveliness to the space and serve as a stand-alone medicine cabinet. Aside from this, it will help you as a healing balm. Split apart an aloe leaf and apply the gel to your skin after cleaning a cut or burn at the sink; this promotes the natural healing of abrasions. It is also a natural air purifier. It never stops, even in the middle of the night.

Peace Lily

This product was recommended by Joshua Tibando from Findstoragefast

Peace Lillies are elegant and functional indoor plants. They are tropical plants which means a humid bathroom will make them feel right at home. They are easy to maintain and do not require much watering. Plenty of indirect sunlight and moist soil will help them say healthy. During spring, they grow pretty white flowers that add to your bathroom’s charm. Make sure your pets do not come near as they are poisonous to them. Other than that, peace lilies are the perfect addition to your bathroom.

Begonia Plant

This product was recommended by Elijah Miller from RC Ride on cars

Our begonia was the first plant we ever got to brighten up our home, and we placed it in the bathroom so we would remember to water it before we went to work. Turns out, this is one of the best places for them. Our begonia plants thrive in the humid bathroom air and they have for a while now. They get lots of sunlight (which they need!) high on the shelf. However, you need to make sure you’re not watering them too often (like we did) or you risk root rot.

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