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The Best Plants For Low Light Bathroom | Expert Recommendations

This article showcases our top picks for the Best Plants For Low Light Bathroom. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Philodendron Plant

This product was recommended by Laurice Constantine from Casadar

Philodendron with heart-shaped leaves. This adorable trailing houseplant is the perfect plant for a low light situation, producing a glorious cascade of heart-shaped foliage that will draw the eye and create a soft, delicate look in a low light bathroom space. The best part is that the lower the light, the less maintenance these lovely houseplants require. It is important to note, however, that in lower light, the foliage may remain small, and the plant may appear less full, as it will grow much slower in such conditions.

Cardinal Flower

This product was recommended by Laurice Constantine from Casadar

The cardinal flower is a moisture-loving plant that thrives in raised garden beds; it grows best in moderately moist to wet, organically rich soils. It also looks great in a rain garden or near partially shady ponds or streams. The scarlet-red flowers bloom from July to September and grow 2 to 4 feet tall and 1 to 2 feet wide. The Cardinal flower looks great in a garden bed.

Siam Aurora Chinese Evergreen Plant

This product was recommended by Marc Bromhall from StorageBuddy

This beautiful bright plant is easy care and also a great addition to any home. It thrives in low-light conditions and therefore will grow very well in a low-light bathroom.

Snake Plant

This product was recommended by Katie Ziskind from Wisdom Within Counseling

I highly recommend snake plants for a low light area such as a bathroom. Snake plants have a really cool leaf shape that is vertical and relatively compact. They have a variety of different color greens on their leaves and do not require much light or much space to grow. Snake plants can be put on the floor or put on a plant stand. They can add a really cool vertical element to your bathroom. Above is a link to a live snake plant that you can find on Amazon to also help purify the air in your bathroom. I highly recommend snake plants as they require a minimal effort and are very easy to keep alive.

Spider Plant

This product was recommended by Deborah Looi from GardeningCollective

I love the Hirt’s Gardens Spider for this exact reason plus its variegated leaves are unique and eye-catching, adding interest and visual appeal to any space. A spider plant is a good choice for a low-light bathroom because it is tolerant of low light levels and high humidity. It is also an easy plant to care for, requiring little attention. Spider plants are also known to be effective at filtering out harmful toxins from the air, making them a good choice for a bathroom where there is little ventilation.

Golden Pothos

This product was recommended by Brian Clark from United Medical Education

It can thrive well when it stays out of immediate sunshine as it doesn’t require bright light to grow. Low lights substantially contribute an adequate amount of light for its expansion. It’s soil that doesn’t dry out. It is known for its air refining abilities. It is excellent at filtering out formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. Furthermore, it looks gorgeous when it trails beautifully when planted in a hanging basket or on a high shelf.

Fern Japanese

This product was recommended by Jen Stark from Happy DIY Home

Birds Nest Fern plants are a fantastic choice for a low-light environment like the bathroom since they thrive in greater humidity, moisture, and warmth. Watering adjustments will be particularly critical in a reduced lighting condition with these ferns, as less is more. They like continuous soil moisture, but they do not tolerate sitting in damp soil. When the top inch of soil is dry, water it. Watering directly into the plant’s core might stimulate microbial contamination and rot in the dense nest. To prevent soaking the fern’s fronds, direct water at the soil.

Devil’s Ivy

This product was recommended by Robert Johnson from Coast Appliances

Devil’s Ivy or pothos can thrive in low-light spaces. It loves humidity, making it an excellent houseplant, especially for the bathroom. You can place some pothos plants into plastic pots and highlight their long, cascading vines by putting them above the vanity shelf. I have a pot of pothos in my bathroom, and aside from the aesthetics, I believe this plant also helps purify the air and brings a sense of comfort. Devil’s Ivy is also the best plant for the family room, which helps balance and soften hard design elements caused by televisions and other entertainment appliances.

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